Milk : Natural sports drink

Milk is a natural sports drink. Provides the necessary amount of nutrients and promotes muscle reconstruction.

Here are three reasons for this drink to become your sporting ally:

1. Unlike commercial sports drinks that contain them artificially, milk naturally contains high amounts of carbohydrates and lactose to boost energy levels and improve physical performance.

2. It favors the recovery and growth of muscle thanks to casein and serum that when consumed together result in the elevation of amino acids in the body.

3. Whey protein enhances protein synthesis and muscle metabolism.


Taking advantage of the metabolic window

The so-called “Metabolic Window” is the period of time post exercise that begins just after finishing the training and ends approximately two hours later. Its importance is that at this time the body is highly receptive to the uptake of nutrients, both to muscle regeneration and replenishment of glycogen stores. Their receptivity is significantly higher in this period than hours later. The benefits of this period are:

  • Recharges muscle and liver glycogen stores.
  • It recovers hydration levels.
  • It replenishes the vitamins and minerals of the wear produced by the training.
  • Optimizes recovery.
  • Promotes muscle growth.

Therefore, drinking milk after intense strength training contributes the necessary nutrients for post-training muscle regeneration and for the development of muscle mass, because of its carbohydrate and protein content of high biological value.

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