How to improve milking performance 1 (Control of mamitis)

Quality milk production remains a basic point in the viability of dairy farms. The term milk quality is very broad, but the most complicated parameter is to maintain good cell quality throughout all months, objectively assessed by the cell count of the milk in the tank.

It is clearly influenced by the incidence of clinical and subclinical mammitis in farm animals.

The bases for the control of mamitis are based on six points mainly:

  • Keep cows clean, dry and comfortable.
  • Good management of the farm and in particular in the milking parlor.
  • Good operation and maintenance of the milking machine.
  • Antibiotic treatment of all animals at the time of drying.
  • Correct diagnosis and treatment of new clinical infections.
  • Isolation and progressive elimination of animals with chronic lesions in the udder.

Of all of them we can not emphasize one of more important than the other, since all of them together are basic to be able to begin to value the health of the udder of the cows in a farm. In this article we will develop only those that influence us in the performance of milking, such as: the handling of milking and the functioning of the milking system. The handling in the milking parlor is a very important point for the quality of the milk, since it is the place where an animal, a machine and a person are related.

This interrelationship is what we call the milking routine.

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